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on the palestinian issue, the will have internal contradictions. it secretary kerry is forceful, that may also come to bear. the answer is in the near future, i think it is already a certain degree. they are divided and israel is not in the right position forward anyway. the end of anything on the circumstances seems unwise to me. >> how much time left? >> i cannot answer that question. my mother once described to me her view on life.
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it was not a class half empty or full. it was a glass that fills up every single day either with setbacks and tragedies or opportunities and hope. the only thing that mattered and life was how he responded to the issue of the filling glass. my own analysis has been negative, but i will not abandon the one critically important ingredient that is the necessary prerequisite of life. that is hope. facts on the ground are bleak. the real issue is facts appear. canada the fax be changed. if they can, i think there's still a fair amount of running room left for a two state solution. >> i do not think time is
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running out. this kind of legacy you suggested earlier. what i do think is the missing factor and readiness is the nature of leadership. i do nothing to see a trio of leaders -- i do not think i see a trio of leaders. i do not think anybody can make a deal about palestinian israeli relations even if you have perfect leadership. so long as the region itself is in such turmoil. israel is a small country and a big place. the fears cannot be overlooked.
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until it is clear fight for better or worse, it is hard for me to see very much headway on the palestinian problem. i think iran is a huge cloud over all of this discussion that we are really the talking about. navy it will be dissipated either in a storm i do not think we have to assume this year is the last year ever to make peace between palestinians and israelis. there are parameters of both sides can live with. the elements of the decision making process are not there. >> we want to get to questions in a moment.
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>> i would just add, did not leave of the equation of the rise of islamic extremism. things and but as the were the last time america manage to get the parties to the table. hamas -- you can bet it will be worse in syria after assad. it has been hard in the past. at the the rise of extremism makes things more difficult. a situation becomes more complicated. i think time is working against us. the situation at the moment is very not promising. we cannot give up on it. >> we have microphones. please wait until you are in
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front of a microphone. please start with a gentleman in the back. if he would not mind. wait for the microphone to get to you. >> yes. this is an extraordinary panel. a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. very much appreciated. the one thing that surprised me a bit. i perceive a certain equivalents when talking about barack obama and netanyahu.
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joe biden is just about to land in israel and they are planning a large settlement. he lectures the president of the united states in the oval office. i have never seen an adversary, let alone an allied lectured the press did a friend of cameras. he blindsides the administration with an announcement on e1 after the end of and after we gave israel our full support both men and on this moment. i would like to know if you
5:07 am
think there is an equivalent. >> i was being graceful of my comments because i agree with you. i do not think it is equivalent at all. i do understand obama made some mistakes and did not have a lead as smoothly as he might have. it was a mistake, an issue he could not solve. people should have told you cannot win on settlements unless you have a deal in hand and. you cahis approach to the united states, i did describe a little bit. i think he thinks he knows a lot more about it that obama does.
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he used all of his chips. at the conference, at the congress. i felt offended as a former american officials ran american the supported obama, also. and i think he a hero if intruders who. if they think you are really different, you can criticize the heck out of them. unless you start having made the friend effective psychological connection, you are put over in
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the other camp. anything you do is likely to backfire. that is what happened with obama. >> i would love to hear your take on this. >> i agree. another way to go about how president obama might be more like bill clinton and trying to capture the hearts and minds of israelis. not that obama should intervene in the elections, but he should capture the israeli hart's first and then move onto other things. one of the interesting things, are a locas -- criticism from males. the number one thing the a said with the thought israel deserved it. i do not think a thing that is the case. i do think it maybe wise order
5:10 am
would have been a wise early on. first impressions, you can have of course. in the beginning there was a lot of room to grow. i think a lot of the perceptions of what he did was overblown. when the republicans. this is real, the perception was, what can they do? there were many missteps along the way. i think one of the interesting things is there is a different perception even of the facts. israelis did not view as the way americans do. the lesson of the white house -- this is a. you hear in washington all the time, especially from democrats.
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>> the two previous speakers with a thrust of the question. i owe it to you to give you what i suspected netanyahu would say. if israelis think you get it, then we can argue. if you understand what is going on, it's good into the debate. here is a president that goes to cairo but does not go to jerusalem. he has no nuance. to a stronger position on isolated settlements. on the joe biden issue, some low level planning committee approves building. the vice president appreciates that was really bad timing and
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israel was apologetic. the president has the secretary of state phone him and said, are you invested in this relationship. you have told us we need to make peace on the '67 lines. you need to give up on this ridiculous demand. where was the equivalence in that blueprint that you issued a? on mitt romney, obama, every politician across the spectrum wanted to be part -- photographed with them. the treatment was pretty similar. the blindsiding on he would
5:13 am
argue the palestinians to tell the world, we need to stay. we are going to do something that says we are not taking that lying down. and not endorsing the counter arguments. those would be some of the points i would suspect would be made if it came at netanyahu with those arguments. >> hello. he spoke about some of the essential -- one could argue that a lot of the actions israel has taken have actually strengthened elements in a more fundamentalist area, particularly in gaza showing that the violence produced results, had israelis carrying in their homes. there was a lot written that the government and gaza looked stronger after the two recent
5:14 am
incursions' and gossip. the current situation of withholding tax revenues. even if a boss does not have a lot of power, you could argue that we should be strengthening more moderate elements, reinforcing the security of advances. it seems there is some criticism that his world view is benefiting from the apparent promises of the government as opposed to the more modern relevant. >> i think those are some good points. i would remind us all that the pullout from gaza in 2005 was
5:15 am
opposed. i think it is in terms of learning about settlements as the core problem. israel dismantle the entire settlement in gaza and has shown a willingness diplomatically at certain points to dismantle the majority of the sediments in the west bank. and not sure this government or the income the government would be prepared to do that. i think there is a good point to be made that pulling out of gaza without an agreement, more dramatic in the instance you cited was a step that indicated terrorism and violence. i think it is quite widely perceived as a miss step. we empower the extremists and we weekend relative moderates. this was proved the israelis respond only to terrorism and violence.
5:16 am
i think if early left wing the view that if you are going to do -- leave gaza, do it by agreement. sharome became a centrist -- that was the biggest misstep on the gaza front. why palau without an agreement? you have weakened us and strengthened hamas. >> have his actions empowered extremists? >> i think they have certainly helped do that. i think it touches on a broader. . an issue of leadership. any time there has been a breakthrough in this conflict you have leaders who were masters of their constituencies, not prisoners of them. in this region generally there
5:17 am
is a leadership vacuum of historic proportions. it is only going to get worse as centralization -- as they become more highly decentralized, on this release i do have a leadership crisis. you have two surviving founders. webb is in a coma, and the other is quite the opposite. they were of the younger generation. in israel on the peacemaking side, is a story of transformed hawks. the transformed it either by the
5:18 am
actions of others or by their own sense of responsibility and strategy. on the palestinian side you have aided basically a noah's ark. to visions of a palestine is narrow kind of stayed it should be. to and the environment and a -- make the and bernadette is required. it is leadership that takes the risks of the to be taken. they paid with their lives for those risks. it is a matter of degree. netanyahu is who he is. he will not have a transformative moment.
5:19 am
a man has now served as prime minister longer than any other israeli prime minister with the exception of -- was to be a great prime minister. he gets together with netanyahu, it is always bibi that prevails. you neeed leaders. >> we of time for one more question. you're so sorry about that. -- i am sorry about that. >> my question is about syria. how would a new israeli government deal with this surreal situation?
5:20 am
is a better to have a week syria and civil war as some are saying or do you prefer a democratic and new surgical him -- a democratic and new syria? >> it is not the the what a new syria, this table the not military threatening one. just this morning there were reports of an israeli strike on the lebanese side of the border. this is the kind of concerned of the israeli and israeli intelligence are putting effort into following. chemical weapons and particular. the israelis are concerned, there are concerned with what will happen after of -- assad on
5:21 am
who would rise. it could be deeply concerned for israel. lack of a -- is this real's nightmare. >> just briefly, i want to stress to you. we do not rejoice in the title, we love to be joined by lots of other general middle east and democracies. we were much more ambivalent about the arab spring process. their sense to be some of the process that is unfolding. we would love egypt to find a path forward, not looking likely
5:22 am
at the moment. the other thing to say about syria is, fundamentally, we think it is terrible this man is killing his own people. we assume happens over will probably be different. we've seen on youtube and twitter, it is not 30 years ago when he spotted this. life of people who value life. we assume it will not get any better, but this is how we ought to go. >> we have just a few moments left. no time for further questions. let me ask panelist to give us your take away. where is the u.s. is ready relationship cohan? >> continuity.
5:23 am
he is very experienced and he won. the main thing we are forgetting because things same bleak is how much resistance to change. so many things of all the tile. iran, syria, and israeli politics, too. we're 26 continuation of the frothy statuses at the top. there will be dramatic change within his second term. >> my own view is very clear. it is dysfunctional. if as an america we have a special relationship with israel. our interests to not always coincide.
5:24 am
if this administration was to deal with iran -- avoid a war and preserve the option of peace with the palestinians,netanyahi and obama will have to figure out a way to work this through. if they do not, the interests of both countries will be affected. neither of these things will come out there right away. i think the relationship between the president and prime minister and large apartment house -- he cares about this. he does want to do something serious. he cannot because it has is the most policy controlling president in charge --
5:25 am
where is the peace process heading? what's a think i agree with the short-term estimate of aaron's. in the longer term, the u.s. and israel are going to remain in a catholic marriage. there is no divorce. it will be many years before the american christian supporters turned against them. largely because the arab world ess. be such a mis as far as the daily workings of the next four years, it is very hard to predict. i do not think we are going to be divided as much as we will be on the same side.
5:26 am
>> i think we concentrate a lot on the palestinian issue, and i think the iran issue is going to be difficult. iran cannot achieve a nuclear weapon capabilities. it changes everything in our region. it sets off a nuclear arms race. remember they're using a bomb with the golan. -- using a bomb if they got one. i would stress unlike the united states there is no two term limit. this is the third term that is beginning now. i am sure an attempt to -- he is not particularly popular. the electorate did not see anyone else credible. the other party had a leader
5:27 am
that nobody took seriously. the labor party had a leader that israelis did not consider as a credible alternative. the last thing i would say, and as place for me to end, the israeli american relationship is a partisan issue. we do not want to be on that -- we did not want to be tossed around. we were discomfited at which it was a factor in the united states presidential campaign. what to think both sides benefit from a relationship that is not partisan. >> if israel u.s. relations are at a low point, -- i want to thank the distinguished panelists today.
5:28 am
karen and david miller from the wilson center, samuel lewis, and david horowitz who came from israel to be here today. thank you for joining us here at the wilson center. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> next, a discussion about the u.s. role in syria. at 7:00 your thoughts and comments on "washington journal." >> i think my experience in the white house led me to realize that, yes, i did have a voice. in that using it, i could accomplish things.
5:29 am
having been busy raising the children, i do not think i can put my mind to anything like that. there were so many fine people willing to help you in your cause. at that time i was -- i had a big following. >> "first lady's -- effluence and image." over 44 administrations. produced with the white house historical association. season one begins february 18 at 9:00 eastern and pacific. >> two former state department officials took part in a debate about syria opposed the civil war and whether the united states should intervene.
5:30 am
this event is being hosted by the mccain institute which is named after senator mccain. this is 90 minutes. >> tonight's event is open to the press. we are being covered by c-span and live streaming out our website. we are also connected live to arizona state university where some students are watching and it is also showing live on asu tv. for those who use twitter feel free to tweak and the has tag is up here. there will be an opportunity for questions from the audience.
5:31 am
>> thank you, kurt. thank you senator mccain. we have a lot of distinguished guests and the audience. a lot of people who really care about syria. it looks like it will be a lively discussion this evening. in august 2011, hillary clinton called for syrian president assad to step down for the sake of the syrian people. that time 2000 people were killed. today that number has risen to more than 60,000 syrians dead, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to turkey placing burdens on those countries' close to 2 billion
5:32 am
more. it has more to into a sectarian civil war with opposition forces becoming more radicalized, some of them would say infiltrated by extremist forces with links to al qaeda. it threatens to destabilize the entire region and become a battleground for a proxy war of competing interests. the international community is far from united about how to and the crisis. you an envas the senator mentioe prospect for now seems very bleak. the u.n. and u.s. say they are committed to a assad free syria.
5:33 am
the obama administration has sent more than 200 million in aid to syria since the uprising began in march 200011. that aid has been limited to humanitarian assistance and nonlethal aid to the opposition to provide services and plan for post besotted syria of that today seems far off. -- assad syria that since far off. they have all but ruled out military action. the syrian people have called for more u.s. help. the region is looking for more american leadership. in the united states there is a debate on whether the u.s. can and should save it syria. we have a stellar panel. robert kagan is a senior fellow
5:34 am
at the brookings institution. his most recent book, the world america made has been published. he also serves as a member of secretary of state. he writes a monthly column on world affairs for the washington post and a contributing f. -- editor. joshua landis is an associate professor at the university of oklahoma. he writes a daily newsletter on syrian policy that attracts 200,000 page reads a month. it is one of the most thoughtful blocks out today which really doesn't to the crisis and syria. aaron david miller is vice aaron david miller is vice president

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